Reservation Authorization

Jewel City Bowl/Matador Bowl Reservation Agreement- Terms & Conditions                                                              

This Reservation Agreement between Jewel City Bowl/Matador Bowl and the Client named below is made subject to the Terms & Conditions listed below. The term “guests” refers to number of bowlers.

Reservation Confirmation: Your reservation will be complete when you book the reservation through a Jewel City Bowl/Matador Bowl Manager, prepay for the lanes, and provide a signed Reservation Agreement. Your lanes may be paid by Credit Card or Cash. We do not accept checks. All reservations must be booked at least 2 days in advance. Rental shoes are to be paid for on the day of the reservation.

Food & Beverage: No outside food or drinks (including alcoholic beverages, coffee mugs, reusable containers, or water bottles) are allowed on the premises, with the exception of a store bought cake, store bought cupcakes, or store bought cookies. If you would like to pre-order food, it must be done at least 4 days prior to your reservation date/time. Ordering from our catering menu is not allowed on the day of your reservation. You must bring your own cake plates, forks, and cake cutter. If you need Jewel City Bowl/Matador Bowl to provide you with plates and forks, you will be charged $1.00 per person. Additional Tables are not guaranteed for reservations. Tables are reserved for birthday parties and group reservations.  If you would like to have guaranteed tables, please see our group and birthday party packages.

Reservation Time & Duration: Guests may arrive 15 minutes prior to the reservation to check in. Lanes will be turned on at the time reserved and automatically shut off at the end of the time allotted.  The reservation shall begin promptly at the time reserved and vacated by the Client at the contracted Reservation End time. If no guests arrive within the allotted time, Jewel City Bowl/Matador Bowl reserves the right to release your lanes. In order to accommodate other scheduled events, lane rentals and space time will not be extended due to late guests or wanting extra time. Extension of bowling time is subject to space and availability and Client will be responsible for any additional charges.

Alcoholic Beverages: Jewel City Bowl/Matador Bowl fully complies with all alcoholic beverage control laws, without limitation: Requesting proper legal and VALID identification from any person wishing to purchase alcohol from the bar, Refusing service of alcoholic beverages to anyone without identification or an expired ID, refusing service of alcoholic beverages to any person or persons, who, in the sole and absolute discretion of Jewel City Bowl/Matador Bowl appear to be intoxicated or under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol. If minors attending the reservation are observed consuming alcoholic beverages on the premises, Jewel City Bowl/Matador Bowl reserves the right to immediately terminate the reservation without any further obligation to the client or any guests of the reservation. Full payment for the reservation will be charged with no refund, regardless of time left. Alcohol may not be placed in any to go container.

Decorations, Advertising & Entertainment: All decorations, advertising, and outside contracted entertainment including signs and banners, must be approved by Jewel City Bowl/Matador Bowl at least 7 days prior to the scheduled reservation. Jewel City Bowl/Matador Bowl reserves the right to limit and/or restrict any banners or other signage containing company logos. Jewel City Bowl/Matador Bowl will provide table settings for all birthday party packages. Clients may bring their own table settings and balloons, however no discount will be given for bringing own supplies. Guests may not set up their own decorations. Jewel City Bowl/Matador Bowl will not blow up balloons brought in by Client.

Safety & Responsibility: All patrons of the reservation must adhere to the safety rules and regulations stipulated by Jewel City Bowl/Matador Bowl. If injury should result because rules are not followed, Jewel City Bowl/Matador Bowl will not be liable. All children must be supervised by an adult. If injury should result to anyone in the party due to lack of supervision, Jewel City Bowl/Matador Bowl is not responsible.  

· Anyone on the bowling approach must wear bowling shoes. Up to 6 guests per lane. 

· Only one person on the approach at a time (with the exception of an adult or host assisting a child).

· Wait for balls to return and stop. Putting hands between balls to stop them can smash fingers.

· Do not pass the foul line for any reason. Lanes have oil which will cause you to slip and fall. If a ball is stuck on a lane, notify a Jewel City Bowl/Matador Bowl staff member. Keep the front edge of the ball ramps in front of the foul line.

· Wait for the sweep to go down and back up between balls. Only throw one ball at a time.

· No Running.

· Respect Bowlers around you. Stay in your lane(s) and out of other lanes adjacent to you. When a bowler is bowling next to you, it is proper to take turns and wait for them to bowl before stepping onto the lanes.

· Keep cake, food, and beverages for children set up on the tables. Food and Drink are not allowed on the wooden area (the approach).

Not Allowed: The following are included, but not limited to the items on the list. Since it would be impossible for us to list unknown items which would create a safety hazard, if you are informed when we see it, then it is not allowed. If you are unsure of what is and is not allowed, please ask the Event Coordinator when you finalize your party.  Nothing messy such as; confetti, silly string, piñata. No Ice Cream, Ice Cream Cakes or Homemade Cakes. No Sparkler Candles. Do not move tables and/or set up tables. Keep carpeted concourse area clear for walking through.

You may bring gifts, however no alcoholic gifts are allowed, as no outside alcohol is allowed on premises. Jewel City Bowl/Matador Bowl is not responsible for any lost or stolen gifts.

Refunds: You may cancel your party if you notify us 3 days prior to your scheduled date. No Refunds will be issued. Your deposit will be applied to a future party at Jewel City Bowl/Matador Bowl.

Jewel City Bowl Parking:
Parking is available Monday through Friday after 5PM in the Courthouse Parking Lot and all day Saturday and Sundays. Parking Monday through Friday between the hours of 11AM-5PM can be arranged with an additional charge.

Matador Bowl Parking:
Parking is available every day and evening in the adjacent lot. If your party is being held during our regular league play, there may be limited parking available.

Jewel City Bowl/Matador Bowl is a family oriented business. Please refrain from using foul language and/or unruly behavior in the presence of others at the center, especially around children. Jewel City Bowl/Matador Bowl reserves the right to ask those becoming unruly to leave the premises.

By filling out this form, I state that I have read and understood all outlined Jewel City Bowl/Matador Bowl policies, procedures, and rules. I agree that I and all of the guests here for my reservation, will adhere to all policies, procedures, and rules and I authorize Jewel City Bowl/Matador Bowl to charge my card for the discussed total in the amount to be charged box.